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Hi loves, just a collection of people who'd like to help and support you. Submit your imthegirlthat submission posts or ask for advice :3

Boys, you can ask for advice too, we will try to help.

Stay strong. I know you can do it. I believe in you. Now smile, you're alive and beautiful.


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Anonymous said: 1. My counselling was going okay at the start, but after awhile I just couldn't handle it anymore. They kept asking so many questions, I know they were only trying to help me, but they ones about family just got too much.. I was over breaking down every time I went there.. :( My parents want me to start going again because they think that it will probably help this time. And they've been talking about considering sendings to a Mental Hospital because of my bad eating ways..

And my self harm.. I would love to get a job, but I’m way too shy. I’d love to go outside, but I’m afraid of being seen by old friends or just anyone really, stranger or not. Mm, true.. :( I just want to get better.

Aww hun I’m sorry that it got too much, but we learned in Psychology class that when it’s hard that’s a good thing. It means you and your counsellor is getting to the hard parts that were really impacting your emotions and possibly contributing to your depression, self harm and eating habits. I think you should consider going back too. Did you tell the counsellor to slow down? That you’re willing to open up and talk through some stuff but you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t do it all at once? I know it’s hard to talk about really personal things with someone else, but your counsellor is only trying to to help alright? They’re not going to hurt you, they’re not going to judge you whatever you say < 3

As for getting a job, maybe force yourself to just take the plunge and go out and hand out resumes! It’ll be new and fun experience, don’t hold yourself back because you are shy. You don’t have to start with resumes maybe just go our for a walk for half an hour. It doesn’t have to be in a public place, and then build yourself up from there? I know it’s hard but I think you can do it (= Maybe one day just treat yourself to frozen yogurt. Or take yourself to the movies! < 3 It might be hard to start but I want you to try alright? Take the plunge. Don’t let yourself live your life afraid of others, you have every right to be out just as much as everyone else. You’re not less than anyone.

Once you feel more comfortable you can hand out resumes! Honestly, for me, working really brought me out of my shell. My friends at work were like family to me. Also being on a cash register helped me feel more comfortable with talking to people even though it was scary at first. 

Take a deep breath and let yourself experience new things alright, don’t live yourself holding yourself back < 3

- Piya

The anon who JUST sent in an ask. Resend? It was in 2 parts but we only got the second part.


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Anonymous said: I'm the girl who relapsed after being two and a half years clean. I think that self harm is something that no one can really escape. It's an addiction. The thoughts are always there. But I must say that the urge is a lot less than it used to be. Stay strong to everyone who struggles through self harm and any other mental disorders. It gets better.💕

Self harm is something you can escape. Don’t trick yourself into thinking something else. Sometimes the scars can linger but it doesn’t mean that you have to keep making any fresh ones.

You can stop it, for good. Just because you relapse doesn’t mean you’re done recovering. Fall down 7 times, get back up 8. Don’t give up on yourself either, don’t let yourself think you can’t do this. Because you can! You can beat self harm, you don’t need it in your life to be happy. You’ve gone 2 and a  half years, that’s wonderful! Next time you can do longer =) I believe in you!!! 

Stay strong beautiful


Anonymous said: I'm done feeling horrible everyday, not leaving the house or my bed. I've tried pills and consoling, but nothing helped. I want to not cut anymore, I want to be able to eat with feeling sad and vomiting. :( I've given myself to my birthday, 60 days to get better, do you think it's possible if I try my hardest? But if I don't, I give up.. I've held on for too long.

How you did your counselling appointments go? Can you tell us a little about them?

I know it’s hard, really really really when you have depression but try leaving the house and giving yourself a new routine. Can you find places you can volunteer at? Or even maybe get a job? It’s hard to break out of depression when you stay in your same routine and in your same negative thought patterns. Is that possible?

I really want you to continue with counselling though, that’s why I want to know more about how your old appointments went. Do you still see the counsellor? It’s hard to fight on your..

You can do it though, but don’t give yourself a deadline. Like any illness you need time to heal and it varies from person to person. If you have a broken leg you don’t give up before it has time to heal right? Mental Illnesses are no different except they’re a little harder to overcome. But harder does not mean impossible

Please don’t give up love, you can do this (= 

 - Piya

Anonymous said: How many questions do you have? 💕💕💕💕😘

Right now? 107

- Piya

Anonymous said: It's been six months and 8 days since that last time but I have been having the worse urges ever lately and I don't know how long I can do this anymore. I can't hold on and I feel like I need this. I need it so much.

You don’t need this love. Please Stay strong and fight the urges. You don’t need to self harm to make yourself happy. Can you maybe go for a walk until the urges fade? Maybe go to a more common area of the house where you have less privacy? Try not to stay in your room/whereever you usually self harm.

Try these alternatives: http://wedonthealinisolation.tumblr.com/alternativestoselfharm

We’re all rooting for you lovely!!! You can do this < 3

- Piya

Anonymous said: Hi I just have a question. Is it possible to be depressed and be bipolar at the same time? Sorry if it was stupid.

Yes. Although most psychologists don’t diagnose the two together. Manic depression or bipolar 2 is sort of a mix of both sort of and so some people are just diagnosed with that.

If you think you have one or the other or both then I urge you to go and see someone. There is help available.


Anonymous said: Tuesday we had to dissect a pig with Biology. I asked my teacher if I could sit outside of the classroom as I was extremely triggered by all the knives and the people cutting into flesh. She said it was okay, but later she got mad at me for asking and for crying. I really feel worthless right now, and I know I should talk to someone about this but I'm sick, and I just can't do this anymore... the urges to cut are getting worse (1/2) Rose

Anonymous said: And I'm feeling more suicidal then ever.. I don't see the one I could talk to in 2 weeks because of Easter and I already can feel myself sinking back into that horrible black hole I was in for so long... I have no idea what to do and how to react to that biology teacher when I have class from her again... Please help? I really can't do this, I really really hate myself for being so weak and asking that of her (2/2) Rose

You were not weak at all. I am really proud of you for asking because you knew it would be a trigger and got yourself out of the situation. Do you think you could ask the teacher about an alternate assignment so she sees that you are trying but just couldnt do that activity? Also, maybe you can talk with a different teacher or a guidance counselor about this? Because if you can tell them how you feel and how this didnt help, maybe you and a counselor and your bio teacher can all talk about what is going on in your life and how you are trying to recover. Then your teacher may be able to understand better and know what you are going through.
I know that its scary to seem like you are going back to that place but you have to stay strong okay? because you are important. so talk to someone so that you can keep from doing that because one of the easiest ways to fall back to that place is to keep quiet and feel like you are alone. so dont think that because you arent. there are a lot of people who would like to help so go tell them, love. you can do it.

Anonymous said: I feel so sad, and it's stupid... The guy I like is an ass right now , my friends don't talk to me at all, my parents are fighting more than usually, I have to much school work to do, and i have to do it if i still want my scholarship, i can't talk to nobody no one cares!! I just needed to tell somebody that i feel to much pressure everybody expects so much of me i feel that i'm gonna let them down, i'm so scared of what the future holds for me

The future is huge, it is okay to be afraid but dont let that stop you from doing what you love okay? I dont know where i will be after school either but i know i will be doing something that i love because that is what i chose to study. the future is not completely random because you can shape it with what you do now. If you need any help with the school work, you can get it. ask a teacher or find a tutor, they are there to help you succeed. write out a plan each day of what homework you have to do so you dont forget. once you start crossing everything off, you will feel accomplished and less stressed.
What is it about your friends that is going on? maybe you can talk to them and ask them why they arent talking with you? because if they are purposely leaving you out and dont want to talk to you then that isnt right and they are not good friends. dont stress about friendship though because you are young and are going to meet so many more people in life. i left high school with only 2 close friends, and now i have more because of people i met here at college. I know you feel really stressed but just take it one step at a time. find solutions for each thing and take time to relax. do not forget to give yourself you time so that you can destress. its very important. you can get through this c:

suicide-cutss said: You seriously give the best advice. The way you help people and answer their questions is so perfect. You help them calm down and find a solution and all and I think that's awesome.

Glad you like our advice :) we all appreciate it love!


Anonymous said: I feel so empty and useless and disgusting. I went back to school after a sick day and all this work piled up and I felt so stupid because no one would help me (mostly in math) and they would say "well maybe you should have came to school" and even teachers say that and it's stressing me out to the point where u wanna die

Take a deep breath love. Look up your schools absent policy? My high schools was that if it is an excused absence you have 3 school days to make up the work.

If that is true, take the weekend to your advantage, see if your friends can maybe help you out. Create a schedule of how you will get it done.

You can do this. I know it is overwhelming, but if you break it into peices, it can feel more managable.

sinking-solitude said: Hi to anon who may have PCOS, it runs in my family. I have it, my sister has it. My cousin has it. My cousin has a gorgeous little girl. The condition can make It more difficult to conceive but mostly it should affect your fertility :) I've been prescribed some Meds which help the symptoms wonderfully! Everything will be okay! :)


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