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Hi loves, just a collection of people who'd like to help and support you. Submit your imthegirlthat submission posts or ask for advice :3

Boys, you can ask for advice too, we will try to help.

Stay strong. I know you can do it. I believe in you. Now smile, you're alive and beautiful.


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mymentalsuicide said: To the anon scared about buying condoms: Where I live we have stores that have self checkout registers so you don't have to talk to anyone, you just scan the item & put the money in the machine :) so if you have those you could always do that!

Anonymous said: Is it bad to fall in love fast and a lot of times? I'm 16 and a girl and I've been in love 6 times. Thanks in advance. -Nikki T. :3

It isnt necessarily a bad thing but it can lead you to hurt. You may want to step back and look at the situation. Are you really in love with them or are you just jumping into this because you want to love and be loved? Do you truly love them for who they are as a person or is it more superficial since it is fast and you may not know everything about them? It is human nature to want to be loved but you can help yourself out by not giving out your love too quickly. Take time with people and get to know them, their motives, who they are. You will be much happier when you realize you love someone for who they are and they love you back.

Anonymous said: So I just got a therapist because my parents found out about my depression. She asked me if I ever selfharmed, smoked, drank, did drugs, or was planning to kill myself. I said no to her, but i was lying. I actually do all of those. My guilt was so strong.I kind of want to tell her the truth next time I come in, but I'm deathly afraid because my parents will find out and I don't want my parents to take away my freedoms and I don't want to hurt my parents. I just need advice and encouragment. <3

It is nature to defend yourself and you immediately said that no you didnt. Thats okay because now you can tell the truth. And yes your therapist will have to tell if you are going to kill yourself but it is really for your own good. if your parents keep close watch of you or dont let you do certain things it is because they dont want you to hurt yourself. they are looking out for you. You matter a lot to them and they dont want to lose you so if they know they can support you and you can find ways to get better, the first step being honest. it will be difficult but in the long run it really is best that they know so they can give you the support and help you need. You can do this, love. I am so proud of you, this is the first step to finding happiness again c:

Anonymous said: So it's kinda hard to write this but I'm trying to. I think I'm 'not normal' because I think I like girls (I'm a girl)I'm not homophobic I have many gay friends. But there are also boys that I like so I'm really confused. Many person would say now that I'm bisexual and I think that's right. But I'm so afraid of everything. What if I just like boys and it's just a phase? What if I just like girls and I'm lying to myself that I like boys. I don't know myself anymore. Everything is so terrifying -J

Love, you don’t have to define things. Just like who you like, and be attracted to who you are attracted to. If you don’t know how you are going to feel in the future, than dont define it.

you don’t have to put a label on things.



I think you could just pull her aside and say, “there is something I need to talk to you about.” Tell her about the things you have been seeing and then explain how you aren’t going to tell her parents or anyone but you need to ask her if she is being responsible. Find info about stds and birth control and give it to her. Explain to her that you just want to make sure she is being safe and that you want her to feel free to talk to you about this stuff so you can help her stay safe.

Also explain to her the risks of taking and sending nudes.

She needs to know that the things she is doing could have serious consequences.

Anonymous said: Hi! :) Ok so umm theres this boy and he's really special and I like him a lot. He never lies to me so I asked him if he likes me he said no. But he's always texting me and messing with me and poking me and like holding onto me and trying to make me smile. What do you guys think this means? Does he like me?

Hun he has lied to you. He totally likes you! He may have said no because he’s not looking for a girlfriend? I’m not sure but from what you’ve told me, I’d say he likes you! Try talking to him again, in person, one-on-one, and see what’s going on.


Anonymous said: Hi, I'm 2 months out of an 8 month relationship with a guy who treated me like shit, I still care about him but he won't leave me alone, I have been seeing other guys in the last 2 weeks One of them is his old friend and they had a fight and hate each other now and the other one is one of his best mates brothers, both are so sweet and treat me amazing (not leading them both on) but does he have a right to call me a bitch and a slut for doing that..? And does it make me an awful person..? Thanks

No absolutely not. You guys are not together so he has zero control over who you talk to or see or anything in your life anymore. I’m not gonna lie, if my ex was going after my best friend, I’d be mad but that still gives him no right to call you a bitch or a slut and that still does not make you a bad person. You can chose to either blow him off when your ex says those things to you or you can chose to talk to him about it. Honestly, I would say he’s just mad right now because you two just broke up so I’d blow him off and don’t let him see that he’s bothering you. 


I don’t wanna people right now so I’m not gonna talk to my classmates be anti-social and answer some of your guys questions lol. I’ll be on for like a half hour so ask away

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Anonymous said: I have a friend who has this chronic illness. She told the person she was dating that if there was ever a surgery or procedure that could cure it she'd take it. Even if her chance of survival was less than 90%. The person said no. Is that right?

Look, its her life, her illness, her choice. The person she is dating may have said that cause they are worried about her and wouldn’t want her to die, however, its not their choice. They don’t have to live through it on a daily basis.


Anonymous said: Hi. Sorry that u recieve so many questions. But im concerned about my eating habits. Can I describe thrm to you?

You can if you wish love. But please be aware that we are not health professionals. We cannot diagnose health problems.


Anonymous said: i am a worthless piece of shit. anyone who could possibly help me ive pushed away. im so done and id be better of dead. I WANT TO DIE. i need help i dont know what to do anymore im done

No one is better off dead, sweetie pie. There are so many things in this world that are worth living for that you need to see and experience and if you aren’t here then you won’t be able experience those things. Please keep going.

If you think you may end your life please call a suicide hotline, call your emergency number, or go to the hospital.


Anonymous said: i really want to be admitted to a hospital for my depression, but there are so many factors in my life that would be affected and im scared to do it. i would miss so much school, my parents already have to deal with with both of my brothers who have meltdowns and school issues on a daily basis, i would have to tell my parents about my self harm, and i would put so much stress on my family. my mom always tells me how nice it is that i dont have any problems and how she never has to worry about me

Love, your health is the most important thing. If you believe that you need to go to the hospital for your depression, then you need to go. I believe your mom would rather know these things are going on then lose you. Please, darling. Every one of those things you mentioned can be figured out, but your health is more important.


Anonymous said: hey i just started an advice blog if your followers want to ask me advice on literally anything I'd be super happy to help and I'm on at least a few hours every day! blog is foreverisyourname


Anonymous said: I'm at my end. All I've been thinking about lately is putting a bullet in my head. My parents own multiple guns so it's easy to get ahold of one. I just can't physically and mentally live this life anymore. I'm miserable. I dont know what else to do.

You can get help, that is what you can do. Because ending your life will keep you from ever feeling happy again and if you stay you will get better. You dont deserve to feel how you are feeling right now. You are an amazing, beautiful, unique person and if you were gone there would be a hole in the lives of the people who love you. You may feel alone but you really are cared for. If you were gone so many people would be endlessly sad. You matter to this world, to this life. So seek the help you need.
In one year you can look back and see the things you are glad to not have missed out on. in five years there will be even more things. in ten you will just be so happy to still be around. that appreciation will just keep growing as you get older because you are so young and there is so much more in life you have yet to experience. so stick around alright love? it gets better and there are people who care and want to see you get better. -hugs-

Anonymous said: So last year and the year before this guy and I dated and after a couple months of going out he began to try to touch me sexually after I would tell him to stop. I would tell him that I wasn't ready for it and he would tell me that if I loved him, I'd let him and he'd just keep touching me. I ended up breaking up with him but now I just feel like impure because I let someone do that to me and I can never take it back...

but you did the right thing ok. you broke up with him because he wasn’t respecting what you wanted. think of it that way ok. :)


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